Talking about ones self is far from easy. Too much detail and you comme across as big headed, and too little information makes for a boring read, so i shall attempt to find a middle groud.

cofI was born in Cannes (France), 32 years ago to a Hawaiian military man, and a french artist. Soon after we moved to Reading in England (home of one of the greatest music festival of ALL time…)

My childhood was a mix of “all-boys” schools coupled with a strict regiment of after hours activites ranging from Violin to Karate, making my life a massive planning schedule. On top of that i was brought up with 3 different cultures. My mothers french culture that became a very dominant aspect of my personality, the british culture that i lived every day and my fathers hawaiian culture.

5 A-Levels (AAABB) later and i started my BA in Architecture at Liverpool in the UK. There i spent some of my most…decadent times and thoroughly enjoyed life to the maximum. Unfortunately i didnt feel i had the “maturity” nor the life experience necessary to be able to follow through with this carreer choice and i decided that what i needed was to see other things before making a life choice.

I spent the next 4 years working various jobs. Telemarketing, construction, bar and pub, cleaning and painting boats, bin man, cashier etc… living in poor conditions, working ridiculous hours… but meeting new people, learning the meaning of work… Life lessons that i drastically needed and that helped me hone my inner eye.

After that little detour, i came to the conclusion that i needed to get my life back on track, so i enrolled at the School of Architecture in Montpellier, with nothing but a wad of money from my last job, a beat up car and fury in my heart. The next 5 years were a mix of working for various architectural agencies, masters degree, tending to various associations etc… and working 5 times harder than anyone else.

I am currently working as an independent architect based aroubd Montpellier. I am open to all kinds of projects.

I believe the road i have walked to get to where i am is unique. I chose the long way round, the road most filled with life experience, which in this profession, i believe is seriously lacking in the majority of my peers and colleagues.

How can one help the people if one doesnt understand the struggle? The same goes for architecture in my opinion. An open heart and an open mind are fundamentals in this profession.

“Light up the darkness” 

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