cofI was born in Cannes (France), to a Hawaiian military man, and a french artist. Soon after we moved to Reading in England where i spent 20 something years.

5 A-Levels later and i started my BA in Architecture at Liverpool in the UK. Unfortunately i didnt feel I had the life experience yet to be able to follow through and i decided that what i needed was to see other things before undertaking such a demanding profession.

I spent the next 4 years working various jobs. Telemarketing, construction, bar and pub, cleaning and painting boats, bin man, cashier etc… living in poor conditions, working ridiculous hours… but meeting new people, learning the meaning of work… Life lessons.

I then enrolled at the School of Architecture in Montpellier, with nothing but a wad of money from my last job and a beat up car. The next 5 years were a mix of working for various architectural agencies, masters degree, tending to various associations etc. Basically catching up.

I am currently working in Paris, where the bigger firms are, in the means of gaining more experience and hopefully finally opening up my own agency.

How can one help the people if one doesnt understand the struggle? The same goes for architecture in my opinion. An open heart and an open mind are fundamentals in this profession.

“Light up the darkness” 

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